Predictive API 1.6.1-Beta release
Incident Report for Geoscape

V1.6.1-Beta - 2020-05-27


- PAVAPI-936 - Support for Multiple Coordinate Reference Systems
You can now control the CRS used by response spatial data. Depending on your use-case you might need data represented in WGS 84 (a global datum) or GDA-2020 Australia’s new datum. With this new feature, you can control the spatial representation through a new header removing the need for complex transformation on your client end. This feature is essential as the government and other entities that use spatial data start the move to Australia's new Datum GDA-2020, for more detail on what GDA-2020 is or why you should care about the spatial accuracy of your data. Check out this link here
- PAVAPI-392 - Add support for GDA 2020 & GDA 94 & WGS 84 & AGD-66

Further resources on Datums and spatial accuracy
- Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020
- The Basics - Datums
- XKCD on Coordinate Precision


- PAVAPI-881 - Serve Get Address from new faster scalable infrastructure (10% faster get address calls)
- PAVAPI-863 - Improved daily data load process, reduced execution time
Bug Fix

- PAVAPI-586 - Further De-Duplicate addresses between G-NAF and G-NAF Live
- PAVAPI-819 - Multiple values for addressType is not allowed
- PAVAPI-940 - Remove special characters
Posted May 27, 2020 - 09:00 AEST